Project Highlights

The following list highlights some of the interesting projects our firm has successfully completed. Although not exhaustive, this list demonstrates the wide variety of projects we have assisted our clients with.

Senior's Housing Complex
McBride, BC

Working with the Village of McBride and Mierau Contractors, Radloff & Associates prepared designs for both onsite and offsite civil services for the 10-unit modular housing complex for BC Housing. RRAI was responsible for design of water and sewer servicing including an extension of the Village's sanitary sewermain, site drainage and parking lot.

Lejac Camp Decommissioning - Plans
Lejac Camp and Decommissioning
Nadleh Whut'en Seaspunket I.R. #4

Working with Thompson Creek Metals and Nadleh Whut’en First Nation, R. Radloff & Associates designed a temporary camp to accommodate up to 300 employees of Endako Mines. This project represents a collaborative effort between industrial and First Nation’s interests including economic diversification for the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation.

Servicing details for the site included roads and parking areas, storm, water for domestic consumption and firefighting, sewer, and power. When it was determined that the camp was no longer required, Thompson Creek Metals hired RRAI to present options for decommissioning the site, based on permit requirements. An agreement was reached between Thompson Creek and Nadleh Whut’en that saw the site reverted back to farmable state, while retaining certain key infrastructure assets.

Nak’al Bun K-7 School Replacement
Fort St. James, BC

Radloff and Associates provided on and offsite servicing design and construction inspection for the Nak’al Bun School Replacement project in Fort St. James. Servicing included water network modeling for fire hydrant flow requirements, municipal water main extension to the site, municipal sewer main extension from the site, natural gas service, access road, driveway and parking areas, site grading and geothermal field coordination.

Patricia Boulevard Hotel and Residences
Prince George, BC

R. Radloff & Associates has managed the site design of a new 12-storey, 150 room hotel, and 34 unit luxury residential condominium in Downtown Prince George. Our firm has coordinated the design of civil works, and managed the regulatory review and approval processes associated with this exciting project.

Regional Wastewater Solution
Fraser Lake

Nadleh Whut’en First Nation and Stellat’en First Nation have depended upon Fraser Lake and other local water sources for thousands of years. In order to protect their water sources from potentially adverse effects of wastewater and to create a healthy environment, these two communities have asked R. Radloff & Associates to develop a long-term waste management strategy. This project would see the construction of a forcemain from the west end of Fraser Lake to a regional disposal field located on Nautley I.R. No. 1 at the east end of Fraser Lake. Wastewater would be collected from both First Nations’ communities, the Village of Fraser Lake, and various other residences along the lake. It has been propsoed that a not-for-profit society that would include Nadleh, Stellat’en and the Village of Fraser Lake, would be created to manage and operate the system.

Extended Asset Condition Reporting System

The “EACRS” (Extended Asset Condition Reporting System) Program is an initiative run by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC); there are three regions in BC, and one region is inspected per year, on a three year cycle. The aim of the program is to assist First Nations communities in managing and maintaining their federally funded infrastructure and to promote good health along with asset longevity. Through the program, the general condition of assets such as: roads, water, wastewater, solid waste, buildings, bridges and vehicles are assessed by a team of qualified inspectors. These inspectors identify the needs to protect and promote the health and safety of members of the communities; they work with these community members to establish good operating conditions. The program also aims at improving the recapitalization costs for First Nations.

R. Radloff and Associates has been actively involved in the EACRS programs since 2002 submitting proposals and carrying out inspections in various regions throughout the province.  The EACRS reports created for each community include: as-built drawings of assets; GPS-based mapping; assessments of, and recommendations for, Maintenance Management, Operation and Maintenance, and Emergency Response Plans for Water and Building assets; as well, asset valuations are included which show the replacement costs and remaining life of assets.

In 2012, R. Radloff and Associates participated in the pilot of the Annual Performance Inspections (API) conducted by AANDC.  This program’s main purpose is to assess the performance of AANDC-funded water and wastewater assets between EACRS programs; this is to assist First Nations in protecting the health and safety of its members.

Boat Launch
McLeod Lake, BC

Radloff and Associates was retained by McLeod Lake Indian Band to design a boat launch with a dock and picnic area for their community. The first phase of the project was to apply to all relevant organizations for land tenures, notifications, and approvals. The next phase was to have an environmental consultant conduct a site assessment. The third phase is actual construction of the site beginning with the dock, boat ramp and base for the picnic and parking areas. The final stage of this project would be to construct the parking and picnic areas and access road.

Remote Community Electrification Program
Kwadacha and Tsay Keh Dene

Kwadacha and Tsay Keh Dene are two remote First Nations communities in northern British Columbia. Both communities were displaced by the construction of W.A.C. Bennett Dam and the creation of Williston Reservoir in the late 1960’s. Regular travel and trade routes were disrupted which changed the traditional lifestyles creating an uncertain economic future for the Band members and people residing in these communities. While the creation of W.A.C. Bennett Dam and the Williston Reservoir created hydro for British Columbians and others across Canada and the United States, Kwadacha and Tsay Keh Dene have never received electrical power and rely on diesel generators to power their communities.

Recognizing the challenges faced by remote northern communities, BC Hydro has initiated a “Remote Community Electrification” program in 2005. This program was established to assist remote communities in receiving off-grid electricity service from BC Hydro and to reduce its dependency on diesel generation power.

R. Radloff & Associates was retained to coordinate a funding submission for each respective community to upgrade all buildings in the community to meet BC Hydro standards.

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