R. Radloff and Associates | Engineering


Radloff provides a wide range of specialized services to both public and private sectors. We can help you define your project scope and costs with a feasibility study, prepare detailed applications for regulatory agency approval, or create comprehensive community, neighbourhood and site plans. We also design mechanical and civil infrastructure, manage construction projects, coordinate renewal and rehabilitation programs, as well as performing day-to-day utility operations. Additionally, Radloff also provides a full range of asset management services.


  • Civil engineering – wastewater, water, storm water, roads, and solid waste to transfer stations
  • Mechanical engineering – pumphouses, water treatment, wastewater treatment
  • Feasibility, pre-design and design
  • Contract administration
  • Construction supervision & project management
  • Operations and management of civil infrastructure
  • Emergency response to infrastructure problems
  • Physical development planning
  • Social planning
  • Capital project planning
  • Asset condition reporting
  • Asset management
  • Regulations, standards and specifications
  • Bridge Engineering - planning, inspection, design, construction and rehabilitation
  • Building Engineering

Engineering Projects


  • Official Community Plans
  • Comprehensive Community Development Plans
  • Land and resource management plans
  • Neighbourhood and site plans
  • Zoning Bylaws and other regulatory bylaws
  • Development Permit Guidelines
  • Policy preparation
  • Development application facilitation & negotiations
  • Public Consultation
  • Project Management

Planning Projects

Surveying / Design

  • Construction survey
  • Total station surveys

Surveying / Design Projects

Mapping & Drafting

  • Civil 3D
  • AutoCAD
  • Mapping
  • Design/Drafting
  • Subdivision and site plans

Mapping / Drafting Projects


  • Certifited water system operators
  • Certified wasterwater system operators
  • Maintenance Management Plans
  • Remote monitoring
  • Technical support to Operations

Operations Projects